Rajasthan Govt report on Mission Bhartiyam appeal in NHRC on communal violence

By TCN News,

New Delhi: With reference to the complaint filed by Ravi Nitesh of Mission Bhartiyam in April 2013 and subsequently another complaint again in the month of Feb 2014, regarding a series of communal violence in Rajasthan where many such incidents happened alone in the month of April 2013, NHRC took cognizance and issued notice to Chief Secretary, Govt. of Rajasthan.

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NHRC issued notice to Government and warned them that action may be taken against them in case they will not submit the report, Government of Rajasthan submitted the report through its joint secretary upon all the cases against which appeal was done.

NHRC again sent this report to complainant for their objections, if any. We are hereby forwarding the same to all of you for a reading and if you too have any objection on the report.

Mission Bhartiyam found two shocking facts in the report: one is that in Sanganer case, police report writes that ‘both communities confronted each other, hurled stones and burnt motorcycle. With stones, 4-6 boys, 8 police officers and officials and 3 ‘hindus’ go injured’. What about those 4-6 boys?

Second is that Among 7 cases, 2 cases happened because of a Facebook post. It happened not in metro city, but in small towns. It is surprising that how social media posts are affecting the population even in these small towns that it led to communal violence.