When a Guwahati auto driver’s exemplary honesty stunned his passenger

By Abdul Gani, TwoCircles.net,

Guwahati: Nazrul Islam, a man in his late 40s is just another auto-rickshaw driver in Guwahati. But this bearded gentleman has become talk of the town after this residence of city’s Dakhin Gaon won accolades for returning the valuable belongings of one of his passengers.

Pijush Kanti Das, a former scientist of Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute (CSRTI) of Mysore could not believe his luck when he recovered his lost valuables while travelling in Guwahati with Nazrul.

Whe an Guwahati auto driver’s exemplary honesty stunned his passenger

“It was no less than a fairytale when I got my belongings back. My laptop was full of important data, including all my research works. But the incident has made me realise that good people still exist in today’s world,” an excited Das told TwoCircles.net.

The incident took place on May 5, when Das boarded an auto rickshaw (AS-01-DC 3343) from city’s Odalbakra area and got down at Beltola. Das forgot his belongings in the auto and left the place.

Once he realised his mistake, Das ran from post to pillar in search of his belongings. “I thought it was over. I lost all hope. I travelled to different places and looked for the auto. I even interacted with other auto drivers but I could hardly gather information of my loss. Then I also contacted with the secretary of the auto drivers’ association before lodging an FIR. I almost lost hope,” said Das.

On the other hand, the auto-driver Nazrul was also desperately looking for Das to return his belonging. Failing to find out Das, Islam returned to his home.

“When I realized that my passenger has left his belonging in my auto, it was almost more than one hour. But I didn’t know his address. So, I asked my daughter to look for his address in the bag so that I can return it to him,” said Nazrul.

Nasli Begum, Nazrul’s daughter, somehow managed to find a phone number of Das’ friend from a visiting card which was in the bag. “I called in that friend’s number and told him what had happened. I came to know the owner’s name from his ATM card. Finally, I managed to contact Das. We felt so happy seeing the reaction of Das,” said Nasli.

Das arrived at Nazrul Islam’s residence at around 8.45 pm to collect the belongings. “It was one of the major experiences of my life. This incident has proved that there are still some good human beings left in our society. I even tried to offer him some money for returning the bag but Nazrul simply denied,” said Das.

While talking to TwoCircles.net, Nazrul said this was not the first time he had returned a passenger’s belongings. “I have faced such incidents earlier also and have always returned all belongings of my passengers. I have no interest in others’ belongings. I’m a follower of Islam and my ideology has always been like this. I may not have money but people respect me. And this is my greatest asset. I have also taught my children the same values,” said Nazrul.


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