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Skill development programme for Madrasa students inaugurated in Patna by Minority Minister

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Patna: A Scheme of Skill Training Centers in Madarasas of the Ministry of Minority Affairs was launched in Patna on Monday on Pilot Project basis. The Scheme involves linking of Traditional Educational Institutions like Madarasas/ Maktabs/ Monasteries and others, with skill training for the Minority Communities.


Kashmiri Pandits living in Valley struggles to live a normal life

By Raqib Hameed Naik,,

Srinagar: Against the back drop of highly ambitious Composite Township project of central government to resettle and rehabilitate migrated Kashmiri Pandits back into the valley, the internally displaced Pandit families living in Kashmir still struggles to roll back their life to normalcy.

Court moved against changing Aurangzeb Road's name to A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

New Delhi: A plea was filed on Monday in Delhi High Court seeking to restrain New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) from issuing a notification regarding changing the name of Aurangzeb Road to A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Road in the late former president's honour.

The plea said that "act of altering the historical name is nothing but an outcome of sick and communal politics".

On August 28, the request to change the name of the road, made by BJP MPs Mahesh Giri and Meenakshi Lekhi and the trade wing secretary of the state's ruling Aam Aadmi Party was accepted by the NDMC.

Government opens skill training centres at Bihar madrassas

New Delhi: The central government on Monday launched skill training centres in three madrassas in Bihar as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas' campaign.

"The launch of the skill training centres through traditional educational institutions is an important milestone towards achieving the objective of skilling the minority community across the country," union Minority Affairs Minister Najma Heptullah said.

Build a science institute in the name of APJ, not rename Aurangzeb road: SDPI

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Delhi: Social Democratic Party of India expressed deep anguish and dismay over the renaming of Aurangzeb Road to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and termed it as incorrect, illegal and unfortunate.

President of SDPI Delhi, Advocate Aslam Ahmed the move ostensibly demonstrates that it is aimed at maligning Aurangzeb and it is saffron parivar’s “good muslim, bad muslim” view of the minority community.

Jamia commemorates World Day against Nuclear Tests by observing a minute of silence

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New Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia, honouring the UN Resolution No.64/35, organized a ‘minute of silence’ on August 29, 2015 at 11.05 a.m. to commemorate the closing of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site in Kazakhstan and to mark ‘World Day against Nuclear Tests’.

Demand for fresh CBI probe in 2010 mysterious death of Qazi in Kerala

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Kozhikode: The Qazi Samyuktha Samara Samithi (joint action council) has sought for a fresh CBI probe in the suspicious death of C M Abdulla Maulavi, Qazi for Chembarika and Mangalore.

Attending a people’s convention, held at Kasargod on August 29, human rights activist Dr. Surendranath said the murder should be reinvestigated by a special team of the CBI.

SC upholds decision to ban Goa entry of Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik

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New Delhi: Supreme Court has today uphold Bombay High Court decision to deny entry of a controversial Hindutva activist and chief of Sri Ram Sene Pramod Muthalik, notorious for his moral policing. It added that the order banning him from the popular holiday destination was justified.

The Supreme Court on Monday was listening to the appeal by Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik against the Goa government’s decision to ban his entry into the state.

Vice President Hamid Ansari inaugurated Mushawarat golden jubilee

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New Delhi: Vice President M. Hamid Ansari inaugurated the 50th anniversary of All India Muslim Majlis-e- Mushawarat, the apex body of Indian Muslim organizations and eminent personalities here on Monday in a historic conference held at the India Islamic Cultural Centre.


स्वाभिमान रैली में इस्लामी झंडे घोर आपत्तिजनक – गिरिराज सिंह

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नई दिल्ली/ पटना: केन्द्रीय मंत्री व भाजपा सांसद गिरीराज सिंह ने नीतीश-लालू के महागठबंधन की 'स्वाभिमान रैली' को फ्लॉप शो क़रार दिया है. उनका कहना है कि यह रैली प्रधानमंत्री मोदी द्वारा की गयीरैली के आधे के बराबर थी. बल्कि सहरसा, मुजफ्फ़रपुर और गया की रैलियों को जोड़ने पर यह मात्र एक चौथाई के बराबर थी.

गिरिराज सिंह ने अपने एक प्रेस बयान में कहा है कि रैली के दौरान महागठबंधन के लोग इस्लामी झंडे फहरा रहे थे, यह घोर आपत्तिजनक है.