Kenyan police nab suspect behind terror attacks

Nairobi : Kenyan police were Thursday interrogating a suspect believed to be behind a spate of terror attacks in northern Kenya.

Job Boronjo, police commander of Mandera, told journalists that Salim Abubakar Kitonga, who was arrested early Thursday, was providing crucial information that might lead to the arrest of those behind terror attacks in the country, Xinhua news agency reported.

Martial law still necessary in Thailand: Deputy PM

Bangkok : The martial law now implemented in Thailand is still necessary for security reasons, a deputy prime minister said Thursday after a high-ranking US official called for lifting the law.

The martial law, imposed since the coup last year, was still required based on the intelligence reports, Wissanu Krea-ngam said, adding the clamp-down of the special law in Thailand did not reflect a severe domestic crisis as is said abroad, Xinhua news agency reported.

The international community will understand the necessary to enforce the law, according to the deputy premier.


176 dead, 200,000 displaced in Malawi floods

Nairobi : At least 176 people have died and 200,000 more have fled their homes because of the floods which have swept through Malawi in recent weeks, media reported citing a government report released Thursday.

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services has warned that rain will continue to affect the entire country especially in the south, where floods have already caused dozens of deaths and widespread damage.


White House highlights Obama trip with pics and fun video

Washington : The White House posted the highlights of President Barack Obama's visit to India with several pictures and a light hearted video report anchored by Indian-American Hollywood star Kal Penn.

First Lady Michelle Obama @FLOTUS tweeted followers Thursday to "Check out the photos of the President and First Lady at the Republic Day parade in India at¿

US airlines received over 50 bomb threats in 10 days: Report

Washington : US airlines have registered more than 50 bomb threats over the past 10 days, FBI sources have told the CNN television network.

None of the threats were considered credible but the US government will continue to investigate the rise in the number of warnings, the sources said, according to a CNN report on Wednesday.


Obama won't meet Netanyahu before Israeli elections

Washington:US President Barack Obama said that he will not meet the visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in March, because the Israeli leader's US trip would be too close to the elections in his country.

"I'm declining to meet with him (Netanyahu) simply because our general policy is (that) we don't meet with any world leader two weeks before their election," Obama said in an interview to CNN. "I think that's inappropriate, and that's true with some of our closest allies."


Modi-Obama striking a right chord

What diplomats were struggling to achieve over the years, Narendra Modi and Barack Obama did so by striking a common chord

By Syed Ali Mujtaba,

The visit of US President Barack Obama during India’s 66th Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi has injected a new vitality into the economy and foreign relationship of the two countries. Inspite of skeptics calling it a ‘sell out’, Obama’s visit has turned a new leaf in the otherwise sulking Indo-US relationship.

Nepal's main opposition to boycott parliamentary meetings

Kathmandu : Amid deepening political crisis, Nepal's main opposition United Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist Wednesday announced it would boycott meetings of parliamentary committees to press the ruling parties into agreeing to a compromise in the constitution-drafting process.

Earlier, the party had decided not to attend the meetings of the constitution-drafting process.


Sri Lankan government reinstates controversially impeached chief justice

Colombo : Sri Lanka's controversially impeached chief justice was reinstated Wednesday as the country's new government attempts to deliver on election promises assuring independence of the judiciary, an official said here.

Sri Lanka's 43rd Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayaka was controversially impeached by the government of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa in late 2012 and removed from her position in January 2013.


Ebola virus toll nearly 8,800: WHO

Geneva : The number of people killed by the Ebola virus disease has reached 8,795, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said.

A total of 22,057 cases of the Ebola virus disease have been reported, WHO said in a statement Tuesday.

In line with statistics, the maximum number of Ebola-related deaths has been registered in Liberia. There have been a total of 3,686 cumulative deaths and 8,622 cumulative cases in the country. Liberia is followed by Sierra Leone (3,199 deaths and 10,518 cases) and Guinea (1,910 and 2,917, respectively).