Modi, Obama vow to 'chalein saath saath'

By Arun Kumar,

Washington : Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama Tuesday vowed to "chalein saath saath - together we go forward" with a new agenda to realise the full potential of a renewed US-India partnership for the 21st century.

"As nations, we've partnered over the decades to deliver progress to our people... Still, the true potential of our relationship has yet to be fully realised," they said in a joint op-ed piece published on the Washington Post website.

Time to realise true potential of ties: Modi, Obama

Washington : India and the US have yet to realise the true potential of their relationship, and the advent of a new government in India is a natural opportunity to broaden and deepen the bilateral relationship, visiting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama said in a joint op-ed piece in the Washington Post Tuesday.

They said that with a “reinvigorated level of ambition and greater confidence”, both can go “beyond modest and conventional goals” and added that it was time to “set a new agenda, one that realises concrete benefits for our citizens”.

Venezuela swaps guns for education

Caracas : The Venezuelan government has initiated a voluntary arms exchange programme under which its citizens can surrender their firearms in return for work tools or a scholarship.

The plan, which began Monday, is part of the government's strategy to disarm the population and bring down instances of violence in the country.

"We have received a considerable number of pistols, revolvers (and) shotguns, and have ordered several incentives and tools for activities that are socially productive," said Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres.


Ninteenth Indian jailed for Singapore riots

Singapore : An Indian man Tuesday was awarded 18 weeks' jail term for his involvement in the Dec 8, 2013, riots in the city.

Ravi Arun Vengatesh, 25, a quality control supervisor, became the 19th Indian to be convicted for the riots, the Straits Times reported.

Vengatesh was convicted of obstructing a police officer who was trying to control last year's Little India riot.

He admitted obstructing acting inspector Thinagaran S. Krishnasamy near a lane at Chander Road.

The riots erupted after an Indian, Sakthivel Kumaravel, was run over by a bus.

Modi, Obama hit it off as they exchange parallels in their lives

By Arun Kumar,

Washington : Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Barack Obama hit it off as the two exchanged parallels in their lives at a White House dinner in his honour ahead of their formal summit Tuesday to reset stalled India-US relations.

Obama greeted Modi with a "Kem chho, Mr Prime Minister" at the South gate of the White House as his guest of honour, who was a persona non grata in the US till the other day, arrived dressed in a striped white kurta and churidars and a dark blue Nehru jacket.

Brazil's midddle class tightens belt ahead of elections

By Javier Garcia,

Rio de Janeiro : Middle-class Brazilians are keeping a tight hold on their purse strings due to rising prices and an uncertain economic future, precisely at a time when the political balance may shift in next Sunday's presidential elections.

Fear of a change to a more restrictive economic cycle has forced many Brazilians to moderate their expenses, unlike in their free-spending past, several experts told Spanish news agency EFE.


Sir Syed Day 2014 in San Francisco Bay Area

By Ras H. Siddiqui,,

San Francisco: The Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Association of Northern California carried on its annual tradition of holding Sir Syed Day in the San Francisco Bay Area with a fine evening of cultural expression, reflection and entertainment at the ICC in Milpitas on Saturday, September 20th.

Australian police detain one terror suspect

Sydney : Australian police during the counter-terror raids in the country Tuesday detained one man on charges of engaging in terrorism-related activities.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Victorian police conducted raids in Kealba, Meadow Heights, Broadmeadows and Flemington suburbs of Melbourne Tuesday and arrested one person, Xinhua reported.

The arrested man is around 20 years old and worked in a pizza shop and will appear before the Melbourne magistrate's court Tuesday afternoon.

Modi gifts Gandhi's Gita to Obama

Washington : Knowing President Barack Obama's admiration for Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gifted him a copy of Gita by the Mahatma and some memorabilia with the American civil rights leader.

Modi diligently got a special reprint of Gandhi's interpretation of the Gita made for Obama who keeps a statue of the Indian freedom leader in his office.

Similarly keeping Obama's great regard for King in mind he has brought an All India Radio recording of King's speech in India in 1958.

Wonderful meeting Obama, says Modi after 'Kem Chho' greeting

Washington : Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he had a "wonderful meeting" with US President Barack Obama at the White House and both share a vision for partnership in which both countries would work together for the benefit of the entire humankind.