The culprits of 1993 Bombay serial blasts have

The culprits of 1993 Bombay serial blasts have
received their penalties for the retaliatory measures
when, in the wake of the demolition of the Babri
Mosque in Ayodhya on the most tragic day of December,
6,1992, there were no traces of law or the guardians
of law to check the massacre of Muslims on the
streets of Bombay and else where in India. However,
whatever must have been the circumstances, there
cannot be any justification for such horrendous crimes
which claimed hundreds of innocent lives. While nobody
must feel pity for what the terrorists of Bombay
serial blasts have got , but everybody has a reason
to feel envy for the ‘terrorists’ of Babri Masjid
demolition, who in the full view of the world, tore
the Constitution of India into pieces, turned the
whole country into a full-fledged anarchy and executed
the Muslim mayhem with complete impunity.

I wish the terrorists of Bombay serial blasts
could be as much fortunate as the terrorists of Babri
Masjid demolition like LK Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi,
Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharti, Sadhvi Ritambhra, Bal
Thakrey, Kalyan Singh and others, who after triggering
the reign of terrorism in the country, occupied the
highest citadels of power and are still glorified.
Perhaps the judicial system of the country will never
see the day when these terrorists of December, 6,1992
may also meet the fate of Bombay blasts terrorists.

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The roots of justice derive their nourishment
from the punishment to the wrongdoers. When this
punishment is not forthcoming, it breeds the feelings
of retaliation amongst the victims of wrongdoings.
And when these feelings find their manifestation in
the form of heinous actions, it is generally termed
as ‘terrorism’, which ultimately claims innocent
lives, but its vicious tendency cannot be eliminated
till the perpetrators of the first wrong get what they

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,LL.D.
Former President, All Indian Muslim Forum

3, Sherwani Nagar, Sitapur Road, Lucknow,UP.India
Presently, Dean, Faculty of Law and Shariah
Zanzibar University, Zanzibar, Tanzania