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Delhi boy pens a book at 15


New Delhi : Looks can be deceptive. That is what one realises on meeting 15-year-old Ronen Chatterjee who is one of the youngest Indian authors of English fiction.

Ronen is the author of “Fire Within”, a book that traces the fictional story of three generations of the Roys — Rohan, his son Rohit and his grandson Raj and their fascination, addiction and dedication towards tennis.

“I started writing the book at 13 and since it is released on my 15th birthday it feels like going back to my roots,” Ronen said at the launch of his book Tuesday.

“I have really worked hard for this book and today I think my efforts have paid off well,” he added.

Through “Fire Within”, the young author, a tennis enthusiast himself and a regular at the Delhi Lawn Tennis Association (DLTA) courts, has tried to put forwards three key issues.

“I wanted to make reading fun again and convey that we can deliver as much as we can, one must believe in oneself and work hard for success,” said Ronen.

The author might have written a book that will attract many readers of his age, but Ronen revealed that he has never read any book apart from the ones related to his academics.

“I am not an avid reader and till date I haven’t read a single book. That is also the reason why I don’t have any favourite fictional characters unlike others of my age,” he said.

Ronen said that academic pressure has stolen the childhood of the present generation and growing up is no more a fun as it used to be.

“Now a days growing up is no more fun. Our childhood is lost in the rat race. I didn’t get any help from my school while I was writing this book.

“Studies took a back seat when I was writing this book and I didn’t enjoy a good reputation in my school. But now I have proved my point and I am what I wanted to be,” said Ronen, who is a Class 10 student of DPS R.K. Puram.

Ronen dreams of one day writing the biography of Rafael Nadal, the ace Spanish tennis player.

“I would love to write the biography of Nadal one day but my next book will be on what our generation feels and that there is life beyond studies. It would be released in exactly an year’s time,” he said.

For the time being Ronen can bask in glory and keep the “Fire Within” burning.

(Title: Fire Within, Author: Ronen Chatterjee, Publisher: Har-Anand Publication, Price: Rs.395)