Ex-Minister exposes Modi’s hand in massacre of Muslims in Gujarat pogrom

By Pervez Bari, TwoCircles.net

Bhopal : The Bharatiya Janata Party, (BJP), ruled Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s once trusted lieutenant Govardhan Zadaphia, home minister during the Gujarat riots, has spoken openly that he was following the chief minister’s orders during the infamous riots of 2002.

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Zadaphia while talking to NDTV admitted responsibility of mass killings but he said he just followed Modi’s orders.

”Even today, I am a friend to Modi and at the given time when I was with him, it was a cadre of RSS which believed that a leader is the leader and you have to follow the order”, Zadaphia said.

He said:’ During 2002 I was responsible for whatever had happened, even today I am responsible for that, I don’t deny my responsibility even though I am not a Minister.

”Modi has been discriminating against his own people, denying ticket to a leader like Haren Pandya, the political murder of him was done first and the physical thereafter,” he added.

It may be pointed out here that Modi has been under attack ever since Zadaphia and four other BJP MLAs were suspended from the BJP for anti-party activities. Party rebel has been touring the state in an effort to garner support and highlight Modi’s failure.

The rebels are said to be backed by Modi-baiters like Keshubhai Patel and Suresh Mehta, both former chief ministers.

One survey done by party which was leaked to media shows BJP will fail miserably if elections are held today in Gujarat. Some of the dissidents had voted for the UPA nominee Pratibha Patil in the recent presidential election.

”People are with us and the only thing is that nobody wants to leave the house, but if forced, we will leave the house,” said Zadaphia.

Zadaphia enjoys good clout among the Patels, an influential vote-bank. Union Textile Minister Shankersingh Vaghela has already held a series of meetings with the rebels. But BJP leader Arun Jaitley’s recent visit to bring about a patch-up has only helped rebels garner more support from within the party. ([email protected])