Indian American woman kills self, children


Naperville (US) : In what police described as a “horrific, tragic and senseless” incident, a 32-year-old Indian American woman set her own home on fire killing herself and her two children in this city often voted as US’ best.

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Nimisha Tiwari, her 4-year-old son Vakadham and 18-month-old daughter Ananya, died in Cinnamon Creek neighbourhood of the city of Naperville Saturday.

“There is nothing to indicate that this is anything more than a double murder-suicide investigation,” said Naperville Police Chief David Dial.

A call to the emergency 911 by a passer by first brought the triple deaths to notice.

Police believe Nimisha brought her two children to the second-floor master bedroom and doused the floor likely with gasoline and set it afire.

The three were discovered in an unconscious state by the time fire fighters arrived in the afternoon.

Although the police were still looking for motive, Dial said the Tiwaris had a history of marital discord.

The police ruled the husband, Anand Tiwari as a suspect as he was not at home when the fire broke out.

“The husband has taken a polygraph. There’s no reason to disbelieve his story,” Dial said.

Nimisha and Anand married in 1999 and came to the US.

Police officers had visited the Tiwari in May this year following reports of a domestic dispute.

Video surveillance indicated that at about 1.40 p.m. Saturday Nimisha drove the family’s minivan with her two children to a gas station where she filled a can with gasoline. A gas can was later found in the bedroom where the victims were found. The police also found a lighter on Nimisha.

There is also video surveillance tape showing she went to a toy store, where she bought a doll and Tommy the Train toy. Both the toys were also discovered in the bedroom.