Hamas: Abbas not to hold early elections unless resorts to Israelis

By Xinhua

Gaza : Hamas officials on Monday accused moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of maintaining a goodties with Israel, saying that his bids to hold early elections could only be brought forth by Israeli assistance.

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Yahia Moussa, a Hamas lawmaker, was the latest to attack Abbas by affirming the moderate leader from the rival Fatah movement “can not organize early elections in the Palestinian territories unless he resorts to the Israeli tanks and their strength.”

Moussa believes that Ramallah government maintains good ties with Israel, and “so the allies of the Israeli occupation have no place in the homeland.”

Moussa added that the elections can only be held “with national understanding and in accordance with the constitution that allows votes every four years.”

Abbas’ Fatah movement lost January 2006 legislative elections to Hamas, which runs for the first time in the political process. But a power struggle between the secular Fatah movement and the Hamas Islamists which refuse to recognize Israel has never ceased.

The fighting developed in June when Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip from Fatah, in the wake of which Abbas dismissed the Hamas-led coalition and formed a pro-West government that rules in the West Bank.