Algerian President highlights importance of peace and security


Lisbon : Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has highlighted the importance of both peace and security for the development of Africa, which is resolute in its desire to be in charge of settlement of conflicts on the continent.

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Addressing the Second European Union-Africa Summit here Saturday, he added, while broaching peace and security questions, that peace and security “hold a strategic place” in the partnership of Africa and the EU.

The two sides, he said were devoted to develop peace and security to “determine our development and promote our steps towards good governance”.

President Bouteflika said Africa had showed its determination to be, directly and with its own means, in charge of the continent’s conflict settlement, by relying on the aid that could be lent, in this field, mainly by its Europeans partners”.

The action of the African Union and its stabilizing role in handling the crises and conflicts on the continent “are recognized and encouraged by the international community”, he said.

Highlighting the authority of the AU’s Peace and Security Council, the president pointed out that the Council had a role of paramount importance, and constituted a positive factor likely to show its greater efficiency in the responsibility assigned to it.

“We have therefore managed to reach a mutual approach aiming to understand globally the questions relating to peace and security and include theme within the framework of dialogue, consultation and solidarity,” he said.