Homoeopath booked for brother’s death


Nagpur : A grief stricken homoeopath here is in double trouble for trying to hush up his brother’s death due to consumption of a homoeopathic tonic in a cocktail of liquor.

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Even as the deaths of two young men – one in the city and another in nearby Bhadravati – were reported to the police by doctors, the homoeopath, Mukund Deo, allegedly prevailed upon a private hospital where his brother Anil died after consuming the lethal brew to suppress the information from the authorities.

Buckling under persistent queries from the police and the Food and Drugs Administration, the homoeopath admitted to the cover-up bid and handed over to FDA the entire stock of a tonic he had hidden during an earlier raid.

The homoeopath runs a clinic while his deceased brother looked after a pharmacy. Anil had allegedly got hooked to the tonic and would share it with his friends who consumed it in cocktail for extra kick.

While the FDA has sent the seized tonic bottles to the national laboratory in Ghaziabad for analysis, the police have booked Mukund Deo for causing his brother’s death and suppressing information.

The second victim of the tonic-laced cocktail was Pravin Khedkar. Khedkar’s death and his friends’ vision impairment were instantly reported.

FDA assistant commissioner A.M. Dongre told IANS that the bottles distributed to Bhadravati were part of the same consignment that came to Nagpur from an Indore- based company.