`Mufti plays communal card for vested interests’

PDP is creation of BJP: Dr Farooq

By News Agency of Kashmir

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Srinagar : Lambasting Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leadership for misleading people of the state by twisting his recent statement over Narinder Modi’s victory in Gujarat elections, National Conference patron and former chief minister Dr Farooq Abdullah has said that the party (PDP) created by Bhartiya Janta Party has always played communal card for its own vested interests.

In a statement, here today, National Conference chief patron castigated PDP leadership for twisting his recent statement. “In my statement, I have only recalled Narinder Modi that Gujarat is the home land of Mahatma Gandhi, who has always played a key role in spreading the message of brotherhood and communal harmony”.

“While congratulating Modi over his victory in the elections, I urged him that the incidents like Godhra – which are the darkest chapter of Gujarat history – should not be repeated in future”.

The PDP leadership, he said, has twisted his statement and was presenting it before the people in exaggerated form with a view to justify their misdeeds and defend their own follies.

“Mufti Muhammad Sayeed and his party leaders are known for their communal approach and they never lose any opportunity to flare up religious sentiments of common masses”, Dr Abdullah said adding, “It is known fact that the party is itself a creation of BJP and it has always played a key role in diluting the constitutional status of Jammu and Kashmir”.

Modi has returned victorious in the recent elections and every secular party and individual including prime minister has congratulated him for the success. “The masses of the state have brought him in power and we should respect their decision instead of connecting the results with the victory of communal forces”.

The NC patron said that the ruling party came into power by making false promises to the people of the state and instead of working neck to neck with its alliance for development of the state, it has always resorted to `cheap politics’.

“They continue to built castles in air by making hollow promises to the innocent masses of the state”, he said adding, “The approach of the party has its direct impact upon the people of the state”.