US urged to investigate Church violence US connection

Press release

Indian Muslim Council – USA (, an advocacy group dedicated towards safeguarding India ‘s pluralist and tolerant ethos denounces the destruction of several churches and other institutions by the members of VHP in the State of Orissa in India.

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At least a dozen churches and prayer houses were ransacked and torched by Hindutva activists belonging to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Christmas day. One person was killed and 25 hurt in the ensuing violence in different parts of Orissa. This atrocious act displays an increasing trend in anti-Christian violence in India , similar to the attack that was orchestrated against Christians in 1998 in the Dang district of Gujarat.

Mirza R. Baig, Acting President of IMC-USA, expressed solidarity with the victims of this communal violence. “Our hearts reach out to the victims and their families whose Christmas festivities and prayers were interrupted due to this planned attack against the community,” he said. Mr. Baig urged the State and Central governments to intervene immediately and take appropriate action against the perpetrators of this heinous undertaking.

IMC-USA leadership also urged the US State Department to act against the US based subsidiaries of extremist groups responsible for violence against Indian minorities and investigate the channeling of donations from US to fund violent, sectarian groups in India .