NBA charges MP Govt. for allotting land to foreign investors

 By Pervez Bari,
Bhopal : The Narmada Bachao Andolan, (NBA), has criticized the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for allotting land to foreign investors while denying the same to the tribals displaced by the construction of various dams. NBA charged the Government of conniving to allocate land to a foreign-based firm at Omkareswar Project.
Ms Chitraroopa Palit, senior NBA activist, strongly objected to Chief Minister's initiative of offering lands to foreign investors during his foreign visit recently and at the same time denying land to tribals ousted by the Indira Sagar and Omkareshwar dams. She also charged the State Government of secretly allotting the land at Omkareswar to a Singapore-based Entertainment Company for constructing reservoirs. She claimed that this was quite evident by the fact that even the testing was not done after a week had passed.
Ms Palit, who is on the fast along with Bhagwan Mukati for the past 30 days, has turned down the allegations made by the State Government on Thursday. Notably the Government questioned the financial resources of NBA which took care of 500 strong agitators at the Capital. It also questioned the strong fitness of NBA members even after a month of prolonged fast.
Palit claimed that we were just feeding our members on our resources collected by donations and contributions at the start of the movement. She claimed that our members were surviving on "daliya" and "poha", which doesn't cost more than Rs 15 per day. She also presented doctors report for proving their deteriorating health condition.
She claimed that the Madhya Pradesh Government was not aware of the moral power of the movement and questioned as why the generation of power had not been started even after 20 days of achieving the 189 meters of Omkareshwar dam height as claimed by the State Government.