Peacocks poaching continues in Rajasthan


Jaipur : The killing of peacocks continues in Rajasthan, with six of the birds reported to have been hunted down in one day in the same village. Most of the poaching takes place during its breading season, which is on right now.

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Police in Jhunjhunu's Bugala village, over 200 km from here, have registered a case against unidentified people for killing six peacocks last week.

The forest department in Tonk, over 100 km from here, is conducting an enquiry into peacock killings, which also last week.

"We have arrested two people in connection with the killing of a few peacocks in Tonk district and are interrogating them after which they would be produced before a court," forest department officials told IANS here Monday.

Preliminary investigations reveal that the birds were killed for meat, officials said.

Despite the high figure, the state government has failed to curb the increasing threat to the peacock, which is India's national bird.

A recent survey by People for Animals says as many as 10 peacocks are being killed daily Rajasthan. As per the survey, about 36 villages in 14 districts of Rajasthan are the most dangerous for the birds.

"The maximum deaths are taking place in Ajmer, Bhilwara, Chittorgarh and Shekhawati belt of the state and as per available information about 250 peacocks have been killed in these places in four months," the survey said.

The export of colourful peacock feathers is another reason for the killings.

Sometimes, the use of poisonous pesticides in agricultural fields also kills the birds.

Most of the poaching is done during the peacock's breeding season from April-September as at this time the birds become careless. Peacocks are also killed at night as they mostly sleep on the same tree.