Waqf Property not to be sold: Central Wakf Council

By TwoCircles.net staff reporter 

New Delhi : Central Wakf Council (CWC) said that the property of waqf can not be sold or handed transferred.

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This statement of the council came in light of the land occupied by Antilia Commercial Pvt Ltd. Of Mukesh Ambani group, in Mumbai is found to be waqf land.

The Secretary of the council Mr M.R. Haque stated on Tuesday that property of the waqf can neither be transferred nor sold. All deals involving purchase and transfer is illegal.

Antilia Commercial was planning to build a multi storied building on this land. Maharashtra Wakf had already approved this project.

This land was owned by a trust which has handed over it to Mukesh Ambani. 16 lakhs was paid against this deal to the wakf board.

"The deal of the land in Malabar Hill was finalised in 2002 before the Board came into existence," said, M.A. Aziz, Head of the board.

Mr Haque told that the land of waqf can be given on lease for not more than 3 years. If any body wants to rent then he has to pay at the market rate.

Mr Haque lamented that waqf resolution passed in 1995 and came in existence on January 2006. He also said that if there is no waqf board in a particular state then all donated property came under the law which is implemented in all of India.