Robbery motive for CBI chief’s kin murder


New Delhi : Delhi Police Saturday said that a relative of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) director Vijay Shankar, who was found dead at his south Delhi home, was murdered by three people who wanted to rob him.

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The trio, identified as Ramesh Lal, 24, Raju Baksh, 20, and Sarju, 42, were arrested late Friday from Neb Sarai in south Delhi on the charge of strangling 69-year-old K.D. Tripathi, Shankar’s brother-in-law, at his Sainik Farms home.

Police said that the accused were well known to the victim and his family.

According to the police, Ramesh, who had worked as part-time driver for Tripathi, hatched a conspiracy with his two accomplices to rob him, knowing that the victim was alone at home and his servant had gone on leave.

“During sustained interrogation of the three accused, it was revealed that Ramesh had become familiar with the victim and his family as he used to provide the services of a driver to the deceased occasionally on Saturdays and Sundays,” Deputy commissioner of Police Anil Shukla said.

“He was aware that the victim was alone, so he hatched the conspiracy to rob the house with his two accomplices and when Tripathi protested they killed him. They fled from the crime scene with stolen valuables,” he added.

On July 11, Tripathi was found lying in the servant quarter of his home. There were injury marks on the body, mouth and head while the neck was tied to a chair.

At the time of incident he was alone at home, as his wife had gone abroad to visit her daughter. Their only son lives in Australia.

Police said they have also recovered stolen items from the accused – 11 wristwatches, video cameras, one pair of binocular, a mobile phone, foreign currencies, stone ornaments, 53 foreign coins, a few silver coins and some gold and silver ornaments.