10 arrested for Shrawasti gang rape

By TwoCircles.net staff reporter

Lucknow: The state government swings into action on the report of Muslim women sexually assaulted in a village in UP. 10 of the accused mentioned in the FIR have been arrested.

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A hindu mob attacked a Muslim majority village on 10th of July beating men and sexually attacking women. This attack was in response to elopement of a Hindu girl with a Muslim boy.

Initially, police refused to file an FIR and then claimed that no rapes have taken place. Medical exam taken after 2 days naturally failed to show any evidence.

A fact finding mission visited two villages on Sunday. Mission was organized by a group of NGOs from Lucknow. A source from this mission told TwoCircles.net that they found evidence of beating from a blunt weapon on the bodies of these women.

17 women have reported to be sexually attacked and team found bruises and injuries on their bodies. Some of these women were paraded naked in the village.

Due to media attention and political pressure, local police have started recording the statements of women. Lack of legal counseling is leading to some confusion about statements and proper recording of events.

Meanwhile state government have suspended local police officers for not taking prompt action. Station officer Navin Mishra, deputy superintendent of police Maya Ram and superintendent Lav Kumar were suspended on 14th.