Upset Mufti bashes Zargar, Qara for raising demilitarization issue with PM

By News Agency of Kashmir

Srinagar : Upset over the snubbing of his party ministers, Muhammad Aziz Zargar and Tariq Hameed Qara by Prime Minsiter Dr. Manmohan Singh at Raj Bhawan over the issue of demilitarization, Peoples Democratic Party Chief Patron Mufti Sayeed
has reportedly ragged up the duo for acting against the party mandate.

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The party Chief after learning about the developments at Raj Bhawan through Media reports today, reportedly ringed up his minister presently in Jammu and sought their explanation for the irresponsible behavior, reliable sources within party told News Agency of Kashmir.

Sources said that PDP had constituted a fifteen member delegation to be led by MLC Rangil Singh for meeting with Prime Minister, while the ministers who were also in Jammu also joined the delegation without informing the party Chief.

"Mufti was so much annoyed over the duo ministers that he threatened them to throw them out of the cabinet" sources said adding that Party President has also taken serious note of the irresponsible attitude of his party ministers.

 Mufti has reportedly told the ministers that when the issue was being pursued by him how they dared to talk on it with PM. "You are undermining my position", Mufti was quoted as saying to the ministers.

He reportedly asked them as why they joined the delegation and raised up the issue of demilitarization when the party leadership had not decided any thing of that sort. Sources said that the matter is likely to be taken up in Political Affairs Committee which is meeting here on Tuesday.