Five point programme for Indian muslims

we are living in a society where interest is collected for every work.under inevitable circumstances lakhs of indian muslims converted into pan brokers,bankers etc.They never lend money to their muslim brothers without interest.why? they have to survive. Crores of indian muslims addicted to dowry.They wont marry a girl without taking dowry.

Recently the AP govt.declared 4% reservations to 14 most backward communities among muslims and rejected this facility for atleast 15 communities stating they are economically advaced.Let the 14 communities avail reservations and come up first.This type of process should be implemented through out country.

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what can the maulvis do? who heeds their teachings?It is the economic condition moulds us. Indian muslims should implement the following 5 point formula strictly at least for 10 years for their overall development :

1.Establish a non interest bank and lend loans to the most economically backward muslims in the name of Allah the most merciful.

2.Stop going to Macca and spend its equivalent amount on their poor relatives in the name of Allah the omnipresent.
3.every rich muslim must marry a poor muslim girl/boy in the name of Allah the most compassionate.

4.every educated muslim should marry an illiterate/low educated muslim in the name of Allah the wisest.

5.establish atleast one old age home and one nunnery in every district head quarter so that to releive the burden and agony from the depressed and suppressed muslims and make them live with free and happy hearts in the name of Allah the uplifter of the meek..