Lebanese employer demands $10,000 to return body of dead Indian


Ranchi : The family of an Indian, who died in Lebanon last month, has been asked to pay $10,000 (Rs.402,000) by the employers of the deceased to get the body back.

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The wife and children of Anwar Karim, who died of illness in Beirut June 26, are now worried about how they will find the money so that they can bring the body back and perform the last rites.

Karim, an engineer from Ranchi, joined a leather company called Farhat Antanio Tannery in Beirut this May. He fell ill soon and died June 26. The family members came to know about the death on the same day.

Karim is survived by his wife and two daughters. Eldest daughter Zeba is married and she and her husband are desperately trying to raise money from everyone they know.

"We contacted the director of the company to ensure the despatch of the body of my father. The director asked us to pay $10,000 to get the body back. The company said that they spent a huge sum on his treatment," said Zeba.

"We approached the Indian embassy in Lebanon and were told by the officials that they were putting pressure on the company to send the body back," she added.

The family members met Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda Sunday and requested his help to ensure the arrival of the body. Koda has assured the family members that he will help.

According to the family, Karim had joined the company at a salary of $500 per month. But the company gave him only $400 in the first month.

The company is now asking for an extra $50 per day for keeping the body, the family members claimed.

"My father worked at several places including at Kabul but never faced any problem. We are waiting for his body so that we can perform the last rites for his soul to rest in peace," Zeba said.