Daughter dies trying to save father from killing himself


New Delhi : The 30-year-old daughter of a retired assistant commissioner of Delhi Police was killed while trying to prevent her father from committing suicide at their home here, police said Monday.

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Jai Bhagawan Malik, who retired in 2005, was in critical condition after the Sunday night episode when he fired two gunshots at himself, the first of which however ended up piercing the chest of his daughter Rajni.

The other shot hit Malik's chin. Doctors said he was in critical condition. Rajni succumbed to her injuries in hospital.

Malik, 62, had been living with his two doctor sons Neeraj and Dheeraj and Rajni, who had divorced, at Pritampura in northwest Delhi. He suffered from tuberculosis and also kidney and blood pressure related ailments.

When he tried to kill himself, his daughter tried to snatch the gun from his hand. In the scuffle, Malik fired three shots.

A three-page suicide note scribbled by Malik said he was suffering from depression ever since his son-in-law's family sent back his daughter to his home apparently because they demanded dowry.

"I am very tensed and feel very insecure about her (Rajni's) future as I can't do much for her because of my poor health. Rajni, please forgive your father," he had written.

The suicide note and his gun, a licensed one, have been seized.

"We have registered a case," Deputy Commissioner of Police Manish Aggarwal said.