Premier League happy to accept any FIFA ruling on Tevez


London : English Premier League (EPL) chief executive Richard Scudamore has confirmed that they will abide by any ruling FIFA make should football's world governing body step in to rule on the Carlos Tevez transfer affair.

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FIFA are still considering their response following a high-level meeting with lawyers from the EPL and the Football Association (FA), but it appears increasingly likely that they will make the final decision on the status of Tevez's relationship with West Ham United, reports the EPL website.

Certainly, with EPL forcing West Ham to adhere to undertakings made when they ripped up a third-party agreement with Tevez's adviser Kia Joorabchian to allow the 23-year-old Argentinian to play in the final three games last season, there appears no way the impasse can be ended without FIFA's involvement.

And, even if FIFA eventually clears Tevez to make his 30-million pound move to Manchester United, Scudamore would be satisfied with the outcome.

"A third party, quite frankly, as far removed from this as possible needs to sort it out," Scudamore said.

"That is why it is better for FIFA to determine it. Hopefully, they can adjudicate and they can do it quickly."

Scudamore insists the Premier League is not absolving itself of any responsibility in the matter.

"It is not a question of FIFA stepping in," he said.

"The fact is there has to be a point of determination. Given we have been working with West Ham throughout this process, holding them to account for undertakings they made to us, it would be wrong to get into a determination issue between Carlos Tevez and West Ham."