A rainy weekend brings cheer to Delhiites


New Delhi : Heavy rains lashed Delhi over the weekend bringing joy to Delhiites, many of who promptly opted to go for long drives.

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The capital recorded 87.5 mm of rainfall in the last two days, a huge contrast to the last weekend when people sweated it out as the mercury hit the 45-degree mark.

Although the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has waved off speculations about the monsoons making an early entry to the city, people were nevertheless thrilled with the pleasant weather.

"It's been a fantastic weekend. The weather has been just perfect for outdoor activities. So my family and I have decided to give all the movies in the multiplexes a miss and are going out on long drives and enjoying the weather," said Kavita Anand, an advertising professional.

It looked like a mini carnival all around the India Gate, with families parking themselves comfortably on the grass or taking a stroll on the road enjoying the weather.

"After the terrible heat, the rains have come as a pleasant surprise. One shouldn't waste it by sitting inside," said Ashu Khanna, while enjoying a plate of 'bhel puri' at a market.

The temperature recorded until noon Sunday was a cool 25 degrees while the minimum was 22.7.

Said an IMD official: "The worst of summer is over. The coming week will be humid but not as hot as it was the last weekend. The monsoons, however, are not expected to arrive before June 29."

The rains, however, quickly inundated vast stretches of roads because of clogged drains and snuffed out traffic lights causing traffic jams Saturday and Sunday not just in Delhi but also in areas around the capital.