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Non-Indian Muslims to enlighten Kashmiris on Article 370.

Ref: – Indian Muslim not competent to do this job.

Dear Sir

Though casually reported in Indian media but the news of Shiv Sena (Balasaheb Thackeray group) activists disrupting, on June 16, the public meeting of PDP Chief Mehbooba Mufti went largely unnoticed and un-discussed though it contains issues of profound importance to Kashmir problem.

[In this episode, lack of interest by all concerned in any demand of Shiv Sena aired from out of Maharashtra is quite understandable given the fact that Balasaheb Thackeray, the Hindu Hriday Samrat' (the emperor of Hindu hearts) is simply not interested in any political activity out of Maharashtra which is evident from the fact that Balasaheb, despite distributing tickets and A-B forms in elections to Shiv Sena candidates out of Maharashtra, never goes over there for election campaigning (or otherwise) in contrast to as he goes in Maharashtra for Shiv Sena candidates & party programs].

The back ground, the present position and the political implications of this extremely important controversy about citizenship / Art. 370 are given below:-

(1)- Shiv Sena Party (a faction of NDA, opposition at Centre) was demanding complete citizenship right to 60,000 Hindus who came from Pakistan administered Kashmir (PAK) after partition. This demand of Shiv Sena is in consonance with the mission of Kashmiris for 'Unified J&K'.

(2)- Surprisingly, PDP is opposing this demand of Congress Party (its ally in J&K and a faction of UPA, ruling at Centre) as it will allegedly disturb the demographic balance of J&K ( Kashmir valley is Muslim majority whereas Jammu including Laddakh is non Muslim majority area of the State of J&K).

(3)- PDP took refuge in Article 370 of The Constitution of India which confers special status on J&K (and dual citizenship for J&K) hence despite Indian citizenship to these 60,000 Hindus, Kashmiri citizenship is denied to them.

(4)- Gullible Kashmiris including PDP believe that Art. 370 is an inalienable right emanating from instrument of accession (to India) signed in 1947 by the ex- ruler of Princely State of J&K.

(5)- Gullible Kashmiris do not understand that if UPA and NDA really want to repeal article 370 then nothing can stop them as they have two third majority in Parliament which is required for this constitutional amendment.

(6)- As for conditions in instrument of accession, similar / one or the other conditions were incorporated by almost every ex-ruler of Princely State which acceded to India . But India obviously honored only those conditions which best serves its interest. Even for argument sake if conditions regarding J&K have especial sanctity then if India can abolish Privy Purse (to ex-rulers of princely States) provision in constitution then what is so sacrosanct about this Article 370 that it can not be abolished by constitutional amendment.

(7)- Though abolition of Art.370 will eradicate terrorism in and from J&K (which will relive international community also including USA, the sponsor of 'UN global war against terrorism') due to demographic transformation. But Hindu majority India (which has already taken out Hindu Kashmiri Pundits from Muslim majority Kashmir valley) does not want to abolish Art. 370 as it keeps people of Muslim majority J&K debilitated, schizophrenic and paranoid.

(8)- Revengeful people burn their houses in order to trouble their detested neighbors by smoke. The people who think otherwise do not know even the abcd of Hindu psyche, which will go to any length in order to avenge the Muslims especially from north west region (from where every Muslim invader came & hailed during 10 th to 18 th centuries and during partition in 20 th century to inflict deep humiliation & physical-mental injuries on Hindus) that it will take a genuine secular political party (which is presently non-existent) in India to heal these wounds and to ward off the fallouts of this deep rooted hatred & animosity.

(9)- Gullible Kashmiris do not understand that the Art. 370 which can easily be abolished by Hindus, if being kept on statute then it certainly cannot be for the benefit of Kashmiris (Muslims) who are perceived to be close / sympathetic to Pakistan (the sworn rival of India).

(10)- In normal circumstances Muslims from other States of India could have enlightened Kashmiri Muslims about their suicidal attachment to Art. 370 but they have been playing only second fiddle to the Hindu leaders and members of political parties they belong to (which is evident from the fact that Hindu majority India has been successful in inflicting gross injustice to Muslims in Independent India, evident from Sachchar Committee's truncated report also, but these Muslim politicians remained passive spectators to these injustices) hence they do not understand the nuances of State witchcraft.

(11)- Therefore it is only Muslims from out of India (who have experience of running a country hence well aware of various nuances of political shenanigans) who can enlighten Kashmiris that Art. 370 is not a boon but a bane for them hence get rid of it sooner than later.

(12)- But there is one catch. Whatever little leverage Kashmiris have to pressurize India, Pakistan & international community for early Kashmir solution, it emanates only from Article 370.

Therefore Kashmiris will do well to shed their lethargy (where they think that it is every body's duty on this earth to devise a solution to Kashmir problem but Kashmiris will do nothing worthwhile to secure this solution in a constitutional – institutional way) and expedite, without any further delay, the early Kashmir solution before Article 370 is abolished by India (not only under pressure from fast emerging forces of secular Indians but also under the pressure of International Community, the UN/USA/EU) as an effective measure to fight terrorism in & from J&K .

Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain

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