National seminar on ‘Encounter Killings’ today at Mumbai

By Pervez Bari,
Mumbai, June 25 : Stage is all set for the National seminar on "Encounter Killings" to discuss the various aspects involved in the fake encounter killings which being organized here tomorrow, the International Anti-Torture Day, by the newly formed National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations, (NCHRO).
According to K. P. Muhammed Shareef, General Convener of NCHRO, the seminar is being organized in the backdrop of the recent spate of encounter killings like that of Sohrabuddin Shiekh and his wife Kauser Bi by the State machinery in Gujarat which has brought to light the need to investigate and bring to justice those who are responsible for the elimination of innocent lives. It will mark the beginning of a wider campaign to be undertaken by NCHRO. The resent seminar is being organized in association with Amnesty International India, he added.
The dignitaries who would present papers include: Justice Hosbet Suresh (Mumbai), Prof. Shams-ul-Islam (New Delhi), Adv. A. Sebastian (Mumbai), Ms. Gouri Lankesh, (Bangalore), Dr. John Dayal (New Delhi) and Prof. Nagari Babbaya (Bangalore). In the reporting and briefing session of the seminar relatives of the encounter and representatives from different states will share their experiences, informed Shareef.  
The venue of the seminar is Marathi Patrakar Sangh hall and the duration is from 2 pm to 6 pm. 
Shareef said NCHRO aims to bring to light various encounter killings that have taken place recently which are clear cases of violation of human rights and  blatant mockery of the police authority. The high-ranking inter-state conspiracy involved in Sheikh's case is example enough. The seminar is aimed also to enlighten the general public on the seriousness of the issue and also adopt practical methodologies to encounter this trend. 
He said NCHRO is a common platform of the various groups and individuals committed to the cause of human rights. Te necessity of strengthening human rights defenses and the need for a better coordination of the ongoing efforts in various art of India was discussed in various meetings held recently at Bangalore and the new confederation is constituted as a humble step towards achieving the same. 
NCHRO aims to expose all forms of tortures including encounter killings and support the victims to ensure injustice he added. ([email protected])