Fidel Castro: Energy revolution crucial

By NNN-Prensa Latina,

Havana : Cuban President Fidel Castro alerted the world to the immediate need for an energy revolution, such as is underway in Cuba, and said the nation needs a massive recycling of high-energy using equipment.

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The leader said it is painful to think of annually consuming 10 billion tons of fossil fuels that took a million years to create.

Cuba’s industries face an enormous task to accomplish such recycling that will increase employment and gain a little time, he said.

In his message on International Workers Day, Fidel Castro clarified he held no animus against Brazil and said he was saddened that some think we are killjoys without regard for the foreign currency revenue of that country.

But, he said, to keep silent would be to choose between a world tragedy and a supposed benefit for the people of that large nation.

He asked rhetorically what would happen when the hundreds of millions of corn, essential to feed the region’s people, would be used instead for biofuels. And this does not even take into account the quantities of wheat, soy and other cereals that industrialized nations will use as fuel to power their motors, he added.

The Cuban leader said nothing is stopping US and European capital from financing biofuel production, including that of Brazil and Latin America.

The United States, Europe and other industrialized countries would save more than 140 billion dollars a year, and it does not bother them what consequences this will have for the climate or hunger, which will primarily affect Third World countries, he said.

They will have the money to buy biofuels and acquire whatever little food remains on the world market, the statesman noted.

Fidel Castro considered it important that all workers and the poor of the world reflect on this today as well as joining the protest against the incredible freeing [by the United States] of the “monster of terrorism” Posada Carriles.