Journey of a langur untold


Ranchi : He is a langur but he has miles to go. So he chose Indian Railways as the best mode of transport and, naturally, travelled ticketless.

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On Wednesday, a langur – a large long-tailed monkey – created quite a flutter as he got down on platform No.1 of Ranchi railway station from a Bokaro-Allepe train, said an eyewitnesses.

After getting down from the train, he started playing soccer with a 10-year-old boy and even had a hearty meal of chocolates and chips provided by a station shop owner.

He also played with toys put on display in the shops. The passengers gathered to watch his activities. The langur stayed for around six hours on the platform.

Before leaving, the langur checked into a restaurant on the platform. There he was offered food and he sat on a table and finished the meal merrily.

He then boarded a Hatia-Patna train, where fellow passengers even offered him a berth.

“The langur stayed on the platform for six hours. He didn’t hurt anyone and even played with children and entertained the commuters. The shopkeepers offered him chocolates, chips and other things, which he accepted happily,” said Mohan Kumar, a shop owner at the Ranchi platform.

“I’ve never seen a langur who travels by train and enjoys the ride without creating any trouble to passengers,” said Rakesh Mishra, a fellow passenger.

The animal’s final destination was not known!