Muslims protest reorganisation of Muslim concentration areas

By staff reporter

Gaya : There is a well-hatched conspiracy in the reorganisation of Muslim concentration municipal constituencies in the city, and this has been done at the behest of P.H.E.D. Minister Dr Prem Kumar, said social activist and advocate Masud Manzar here Wednesday. Mr Manzar has also called upon the District Magistrate to enquire into the matter.

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"When we cast a glance at the recent reorganisation of municipal constituencies in Muslim concentration areas here, the strategically planned conspiracy against Muslims becomes quite evident," he alleged.

Muslim concentration areas like Panchaiti Akhada, Sarai, Moradpur and Maroof Ganj (Ward Nos. 7, 14, 15 and 16 respectively) have been reserved for women while Qassab Tola and Gaiwal Bigha (Ward Nos. 21 and 25 respectively) for Harijans.

"From Chhatta Masjid to Kathokar Talab, the entire area forms Muslim majority. In Qassab Tola there are only 50 votes of Harijans but it has been reserved for them," he elaborated.

District president of Congress Chiraghuddin Rahmani said, "All the constituencies of minority concentration have been reorganised. For example, Bari Road has been divided in three new wards. All this has been done to deprive Muslims of their right to participate in the electoral process."

He shared the view of Mr Manzar that the district administration and the State machinery both collaborated to hatch this conspiracy.

Former councillor of Gaiwal Bigha and CPI leader Jalaluddin Ansari also called it an injustice against Muslims and demanded deep probe into it.

Dr Hamid Husain said that giving 50% reservation to women does not mean reserving all the Muslim concentration constituencies for women. He also called upon the Muslims to get united to protest this injustice.