Jaipur to get 200 kids’ computer education centres


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Jaipur : Jaipur will soon have over 200 learning centres to promote computer education among underprivileged schoolchildren by providing them access to educational content and games, officials said Saturday.

The unique project is an initiative of Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd. (HiWEL), Jaipur Municipal Corporation and the Rajasthan Council of Elementary Education (RCEE). A memorandum of understanding (MoU) to this effect was signed between the three partners here Saturday.

According to the agreement, HiWEL will set up 200 playground learning centres (PLCs) with 400 computers in schools near low-income areas of the state capital.

These centres will enable kids to learn computers in an environment that allows them to build and improve their understanding through observation, exploration, and discovery with minimal intervention from adults.

"It is a matter of joy that HiWEL will set up these IT enabling centres at 200 sites in government schools for underprivileged children in Jaipur to improve computer literacy, health, sanitation and other issues," Jaipur Mayor Ashok Parnami said on the occasion.

HiWEL Head Neeraj Agarwal said: "We are hopeful that, together, we will be able to reach out to thousands of kids, especially from the economically challenged background, and prepare them for the knowledge economy."

The project is also being funded by Michael and Susan Dell Foundation that focuses on improving the learning outcomes for children.

Over 120 HiWEL learning centres have already been set up across India. The PLCs encourage children to self-organise and take responsibility for their own learning.

Outside India, these learning stations have been established in Cambodia and Egypt and are now being implemented in several African countries too.

HiWEL is a joint venture between NIIT Ltd. and the International Finance Corporation, a World Bank affiliate.