Danish envoy lauds Shiraz as hub of civilization


Shiraz : Danish Ambassador to Tehran Soren Haslund said on Saturday that despite all its beauties, the city of Shiraz is at the same time the hub of civilization, culture, art and literature.

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The statement was made in an interview with IRNA on the sidelines of the ceremony marking the Day of Shiraz.

“The traces of culture and civilization are so obvious in the city of Shiraz that one can say it represents a civilization and that it is a museum in itself.

“This is the first time I visit Shiraz. I was amazed by the city’s attractions and unique landscapes. This is the most beautiful and unrivaled places I have seen in Iran,” he added.

Concerning the acquaintance of Danish people with the culture, civilization and beauties of Shiraz and Iran, he said that his people are familiar with Persepolis, given the name is included in their history courses, adding that they hardly have any idea on other attractive places in Iran.

The Danish diplomat said that such ceremonies in various areas of the country can have an effective role in introducing the country’s attractions to foreigners.

“Further acquaintance of Danish people with the city of Shiraz and Fars province can prepare proper grounds for marketing activities,” added Haslund.

May 5 has been named as the Day of Shiraz. Therefore, a ceremony was held in Shiraz on the occasion, which was attended by a number of foreign ambassadors in Iran.

Seventy diplomats and envoys of international bodies represented in Iran arrived in the provincial capital of Shiraz on Friday to attend the Day of Shiraz marking the centenary of establishment of the city’s municipality.