Jharkhand cops play matchmaker


Ranchi : Police stations are turning into cupid's corners in Jharkhand, with cops solemnising marriages of couples whose matches are not acceptable to their parents or to society.

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Take Shankar Munda, a resident of Sikidiri block in Ranchi. His wife deserted him three months after their marriage and eloped with her lover.

Munda recently got married to his wife's younger sister. The police station turned into a wedding pandal where the marriage was solemnised with all rituals.

"We managed everything with the consent of the villagers and family members of the bride," said Ashok Kumar, an officer at the Sikidari police station. The marriage took place on May Day.

Another much-in-love couple was united by the Namkom police station here. The parents were against the marriage till the cops came to the couple's rescue.

"The marriage was arranged by the police after looking into the legal aspects. If the law permits, then the police step in to facilitate such marriages," said M.S. Bhatia, the senior superintendent of police, Ranchi.

In recent times, 10 such marriages were organised by the police in Jharkhand.

According to police, before arranging the marriage, they verify the couple's age, job and other things.

"We also try to get the girl's statement recorded in court on whether she had come away with her lover with her own consent or not. If an adult girl runs away and wants to marry against the wishes of the family, then the police play the role of facilitator," said a police official.