‘Spider-Man 3’ – most mistake-filled movie of the year

London, May 10 (IANS) The recent blockbuster “Spider-man 3” has been declared the most mistake-filled movie of the year by website moviemistakes.com.

The site has counted at least 16 slip-ups in the movie, reports ananova.com. Some gaffes pointed out by the site are:

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– In numerous scenes Spider-Man is wearing contact lenses – although earlier movies established that Peter Parker’s (Tobey Maguire) spider powers give him perfect vision.

– When Spider-Man is in the bell tower, removing his black suit, it’s raining and dark outside but at the same time outside the front door of the church it is bright and sunny.

– Peter’s hair looks different when we see his reflection while he’s looking at himself in the mirror in his apartment.

Site creator Jon Sandys said: “I expect every movie to have a few mistakes, as it’s something a lot of film fans enjoy keeping an eye out for, but what’s been spotted so far are far more blatant than I’d think a film of this budget would suffer from.

“The mistakes are unlikely to keep fans away, despite the lukewarm reviews, but anyone not enjoying the movie can at least look out for a few bloopers to amuse themselves.”