TV office attacked in Pakistan: report

By Xinhua

Islamabad : Gunmen fired shots at the office of private Aaj TV channel in the Pakistani port city of Karachi Saturday, its News Director Talat Hussain said.

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Hussain, who was in the office when the shots were fired, said heavy arms were used to target the office of Aaj TV.

A female anchor of the TV earlier said that several armed men entered the office and asked the staff members to stop live coverage of the violence and not to air armed men firing in different localities.

No one was hurt as all the staff members took cover when gunmen opened fire for more than 15 minutes.

"It seems to be sustained and deliberate firing on our office," Hussain said. Windows of the office were smashed as the result of the firing.

The private NNI news agency quoted him as saying that the armed men later occupied surrounding buildings of the TV channels and took position.

Hussain said that about 500 staff members were under siege in the office but no police and security men were sent to protect the journalists and other staff members.

Armed men also attacked reporters and cameramen in different locations, according to the NNI.