Dalit Muslims demand publication of Rangnath Mishra Commission report

By TwoCircles.net staff reporter

New Delhi: All India United Muslim Morcha has welcomed the decision to
implement recommendations of Sachar Committee but expressed
disappointment that no steps are being taken on the issue of
reservation for Dalit Muslims.

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National President of AIUMM, Dr.M.Ejaz Ali said that the downtrodden
section of Muslim can only get benefit with the implementation of

Sachar Committee recommendation when Dalit Muslims will be included in article 341.

He demanded that Justice Rangnath Mishra Commission Report be
published soon. Rangnath Mishra Commission was constituted to look
into the development of disadvantage among all religious and linguistic minorities. The report was submitted to the Prime Minister's Office on 15th May.

Demands from Muslims and Christians that their dalits be given reservation as well have increased and this will only intensify in light of the Commission's report. This Commission consisted of Tahir Mahmood, Anil Wilson, Mohinder Singh, Asha Das and Chairman Justice Rangnath Mishra. According to some media reports, barring Asha Das, commission members have recommended reservation rights for Muslims and
Christians who are Dalits.

Dr. Ejaz Ali who founder of Dalit Muslim Tahreek, cautioned Muslims that they get so much involved on the action taken on Sachar Report

that they forget Rangnath Mishra Commision and it is ignored.

Dr. Ali demanded Central Government to publish Rangnath Commision
Report before taking steps on the recommendation of Sachar committee
and the simultaneous approval of both reports from central cabinet and
then according to these reports Government schemes should be prepared.
This way all sections of Muslims can benefit.