‘Vulgar’ dance performances to be banned in Madhya Pradesh schools


Bhopal : Schools in Madhya Pradesh have been asked to ban "vulgar" dance performances as they are obscene and a hindrance to good education.

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The state government has directed that "vulgar" shows will not be held during school competitions and annual day functions. The new rule applies to both government and private schools.

"The above step has been taken in view of complaints of obscenity and vulgarity in school functions," said L.S. Baghel, the director of public instructions.

"There have been complaints of vulgar dances by girl students in schools in big cities like Indore and small towns like Dewas and Ujjain. Such programmes vitiate the school atmosphere. But performances based on Indian classical music and dance would be allowed," Baghel told IANS.

But the directives have not gone down well with the schools. While teachers say it would be tough to train students in classical arts in a short span, students rue that their only fun time in school would be taken away.

"We will be left with no option but to stop organising events like annual day functions as it would be nearly impossible for us to train students in classical arts," said a government school principal on condition of anonymity. "Above all, where would we get the audience from?"

Said Srishti, a Class 10 student: "Its not fair. Overloaded with so much of study material, we hardly get any time for entertainment. And the few occasions we get to relax are being spoiled by the government."

Preeti, a college student, said it was a violation of basic rights.

"The government had earlier banned fashion shows in all educational institutions and now even music and dance have been restricted. It is an encroachment on our rights," she said.

But Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) secretary Rameshwar Sharma supported the decision. He asserted that at no cost should obscenity be allowed in schools and colleges.

"Indecent performances at these places where children come to study cannot be justified," he maintained.

But the Congress party, which is in the opposition, is not amused. "It is yet another step towards the saffronisation of education," said Congress spokesman Manak Agrawal. Saffron is the colour of the Hindu right.