Fashion show campaigns for ‘cool’ cotton


Kolkata : A unique fashion show here showcased only pristine cotton creations – a strong endorsement for the natural fabric as a cool choice for making a style statement in the scorching Indian summer.

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With a reported decrease in the use of cotton for clothing worldwide, the show with leading models Tapur and Tupur Chatterjee sporting Mona-Pali and Kiran Uttam Ghosh collections was organised to re-emphasise that cotton is anything but "uncool".

"There is a marked decrease in the use of cotton. In the western world, synthetic fabric has already scored over natural fabrics like cotton and we expect the same to happen in India by 2020. So its high time that we take a grip on the scenario to prevent this natural fabric from total extinction," said Ashish Dhir, India representative of the Cotton Council International, which organised the fashion event Tuesday evening.

Both Mona-Pali and Kiran Uttam Ghosh are Kolkata based designers.

The event held at The Park was a part of the "Cool with Cotton" campaign. The one of a kind show aimed at reacquainting people with cotton as a fashionable and natural fabric.

Kiran Uttam Ghosh stressed that she has used cotton in all her collections.

"Cotton fabric is made of natural fibre, its breathable, cool and ideal for the warm Indian climate. It's the natural option I reach for when I plan my prêt line," she said.

Designer Pali Sachdeva of Mona-Pali fame said: "This is the most suitable and favoured fabric for summers and it is not only worn for causal gatherings but also at sophisticated formal parties."

Both the designers had made dresses for the model duo using cotton and emphasised on the colour white.

While Mona-Pali's outfit was an ivory coloured long skirt with a matted scarf, Kiran Uttam Ghosh's collection was a sneak preview to her autumn line and sought to explore the use of cottons in winter too.

The collection, which was essentially formal, had even merged cotton and leather innovatively to create fantastic shoes.