Drop the girl’s name in songs: Pakistan Supreme Court


Islamabad : Pakistan's Supreme Court has directed pop singer Abrarul Haq to omit the name Parveen from a song that forced a girl with the same name to quit college after being eve-teased.

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Acting Chief Justice Javed Iqbal and Justice Sardar Raza Khan Monday directed changes in the song "Parveen, Tu Bari Namkeen" (Parveen, you are so cute) and asked Haq never to use a girl's name in his songs in future.

Haq was asked to carry out the changes in the song and report to the court within two weeks.

The apex court, currently preoccupied with the matter of suspension of Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry and the nationwide agitation that it has triggered, found time last month to take note of a girl's complaint that the song had forced her to quit studies.

The then Acting Chief Justice Rana Bhagwandas had taken note of a letter she wrote to a local newspaper and directed the singer and the government to explain.

Haq's counsel Khalid Ranjha argued that the name used in the lyric is Permeen and not Parveen. However, he assured that his client would omit even this reference.

After the court's direction, Haq claimed that the letter had been proved to be fictitious. The principal of the college concerned had issued a certificate testifying that there was no student named Parveen at his institution, Haq said.