Present goodwill of India , Pakistan & international community be utilized

Dear Sir

Normally any community which lays down the lives of its so many people does not remain without being master of its political destiny. But Kashmiris (despite sacrificing more than 80,000 people as per Nicholson’s report adopted by EU’s Parliament vide A6-0158/2007 on May 24, 2007) are still groping in the dark mainly due to:-

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(i)- Kashmiris being clueless about Kashmir solution (which is evident from the fact that despite the statement of Musharraf that no one concerned has solution to Kashmir problem and the fate of formulas of Musharraf and Manmohan and various CBMs which have all been of no use for Kashmir solution so far ) the Kashmiris have not done any course correction.

(ii)- Kashmiris instead of concentrating on Kashmir solution which is nothing but ‘Unified Jammu & Kashmir’ have unnecessarily been getting bogged down in useless terms like independence, self rule, separation etc.

(iii)- Kashmiris whose political parties like PDP headed by Muftis, NC headed by Abdullahs, Congress headed by G.N. Azad etc. have been happily contesting elections and occupying political & State offices while evidently unconcerned about any time bound program by which ‘Unified J&K’ will be achieved as a fitting tribute to the sacrifice of these more than 80,000 Kashmiris.

(iv)- Kashmiris not realizing that India and Pakistan (both nuclear powers) are not prepared to give-up the present possession of territories. Moreover, India (which will never be reconciled to 1947 partition) will simply not allow its further emasculation by way of any dilution of sovereignty or of territorial integrity of India on J&K (including PAK).

(v)- Kashmiris have been allowing UN (and now EU also) to get away with the non implementation of UN’s Plebiscite resolution of 1948 by not pressing UN/EU for alternate solution in the interest of ‘Unified J&K’.

(vi)- Kashmiris putting cart before horse by aspiring about ‘Unified J&K’ without first emphasizing and practicing it through legitimate organizations and institutions.

But given the present goodwill of India, Pakistan and international community it is time for Kashmiris to reap the rewards of their momentous sacrifice for ‘Unified J&K’ and for which following minimum is imperative:-

(1)- The well-wishers/aggrieveds/friends/colleagues of departed 80,000 Kashmiris ought to form ‘Fronts for Unified J&K’ (FUJK) on both sides of LOC and such joint fronts also (JFUJK) by joining FUJK from both sides of LOC.

(2)- These FUJKs & JFUJKs ought to persuade political parties of undivided J&K either to preferably refrain from contesting elections to local bodies, Legislatures and Parliaments in India & Pakistan till ‘Unified J&K’ is achieved or else to quarterly organize meetings / seminars in India & Pakistan in order to review & monitor the progress towards time bound program for ‘Unified J&K’.

(3)- If what Abdullahs & Muftis revealed on a T.V . program that J&K has so much water resources to generate electric power that it is not only enough for J&K but also surplus to sell it to other States then these FUJKs & JFUJKs ought to persuade India, Pakistan & UN /World Bank/IMF to allow and help the establishment of a ‘Joint Electricity Board’ (for both sides of J&K) to generate, transmit and distribute electricity not only in both sides of J&K but also to sell it to other States of India & Pakistan.

(4)- In view of this ‘Joint Electricity Board’ other joint Corporations may also be launched in order to give fast economical & industrial boost on both sides of J&K.

(5)- These FUJKs & JFUJKs ought to persuade India , Pakistan to establish ‘Joint Custodian for Evacuee Properties’ including the properties of self exiled Kashmiri Pundits.

(6)- These FUJKs & JFUJKs ought to mobilize international community (also through UN, EU, SAARC etc.) in the interest of ‘Unified J&K’ preferably through single representative body.

(7)- These FUJKs & JFUJKs ought to take interest in the formation of joint socio-cultural organizations, of people of both sides of J&K, which will not only jointly celebrate the festivals in both sides of J&K but will also organize cultural programs in both sides of J&K and also in major cities of India, Pakistan & other countries.

Therefore, let it be the head-ache & burden of Governments of India, Pakistan and international community (including UN, EU, SAARC etc) to devise a political mechanism by which ‘Unified J&K’ will be realized and meanwhile Kashmiris ought to remain concentrated exclusively on the vigorous emphasis on and practice of ‘Unified J&K’ which is thus bound to become a reality much sooner than expected.

Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain