Cute jute jewellery a hit at trade fair

By Shweta Thakur, IANS

New Delhi : Gold and silver jewellery now have one more competitor. Eco-friendly and unconventional ornaments made of jute are driving women crazy at the on-going India International Trade Fair (IITF) in the national capital.

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Danglers, tops, rings, chokers, light necklaces, bangles and bracelets are available incolours ranging from the original fabric shade to dyed and treated chilli red, tangy orange, aquamarine blue, jet black and tree-bark brown to match every outfit.

“Attracted by these innovative jewellery pieces, no less than 1,000 customers visit our shop every day. With every passing year their charm and demand is increasing,” Ashis Biswas of Sensitive Creation, a jute jewellery company that is participating in the fair, told IANS.

Starting from Rs.20, the price of jute jewellery goes up to Rs.5,000. Biswas said it takes at least a day to make a dozen light pieces or a single heavy piece.

“I love jute jewellery as it fits my budget and looks cool. Instead of spending money on gold jewellery if I spend the same amount on jute ornaments, I can acquire a variety of them and look different and trendy every day,” said Smriti Singh, a college student.

Wooden beads, stones, crystals and pearls have been used to create motifs on jute. In some pieces, layers of jute fabric have been cut in different sizes and shapes and generously displayed at the nearly two-week-long IITF.

Many love the wonder jewellery because it is eco-friendly and lightweight.

” ‘Go green’ is what the world is for now, hence a lot of customers find it extremely appealing because it is made up of natural fabric. Moreover, it doesn’t cause any kind of irritation to the skin,” said Minati Mukherji, owner of the company Juteage.

“Even the big pieces are so lightweight that one can wear them for long hours. This quality also makes it a runway hit,” added Sandip Mukherji of the store.

The durability and maintenance free property of jute makes it a favourite of many.

“I don’t need to take extra care to clean it, or get it polished from an outlet even while preserving it. It lasts long, the colour doesn’t fade and at the most, when it collects dirt, I can clean it with soap water, which is very convenient. I am absolutely smitten by this magic fibre jewellery,” said Nidhi Rana, a call centre employee who was visiting the fair.