Amitabh to observe poet-father’s centenary

By Subhash K. Jha, IANS

Mumbai : 2007 being the year of Harivanshrai Bachchan’s centenary, Amitabh Bachchan has many plans to honour his father’s memory. The Big B is recording the seniormost Bachchan’s poems in his own voice.

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“I’m looking forward to doing a comprehensive recording in both the spoken voice and in song form in the months to come. 2007 is my father’s centenary. He was born on Nov 27, 2007. We are planning a celebration when I hope to bring out recitations of his works,” Amitabh said.

The Bachchan baritone will boom again for the father.

“I want to put to music some of his prominent poems, and that will include a lot of the folk songs he wrote. And I want to render the version of the Gita he translated in the meter and style of the Ramayan. Not too many people know he did this. I would also want to read important chapters of his magnificent autobiography on tape and put out a DVD with memorable visuals,” he said.

The Big B has many such activities planned in his father’s memory.

“Of all my renditions, the one I love and cherish the most is what I did for my father Harivanshrai Bahchan’s poetry album, by rendering some of his works, as he sat in the recording studio listening to them being recorded. The cassette is now out of circulation,” he said.

The renowned poet’s college in Cambridge University also wants to commemorate the centenary.

“I visited his college (St. Catherine) earlier this year on their invitation and plans for the commemoration are moving well. He studied there from 1954 onwards and his thesis on W.B. Yeats for which he got his doctorate was among the first by an Indian in England,” the Big B said.