Turkish parliament to discuss constitutional amendment bill

By Xinhua

Ankara : The Parliament Constitutional Committee of Turkey will debate the constitutional amendment bill on Monday, the semi-official news agency Anatolia reported on Thursday.

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The Parliament General Assembly will discuss the bill, and hold the first round of vote on Oct. 10, said the report, adding that the second round of voting is to take place on Oct. 16.

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) submitted Thursday to the Parliament a bill in which it suggests to exclude two temporary articles of the constitutional amendment bill from the package — to be submitted to referendum on Oct. 21.

Some 282 AKP lawmakers have signed the motion that asks for the exclusion of the temporary 18th and 19th articles of the constitutional amendment bill.

The temporary article 18 is related to “the amendments made in laws to be applied during the election of the 11th president of Turkey.” While the article 19 foresees “the implementation of new arrangements during the election of the 11th president.”

The motion also stipulates that the law will take effect the day it is published in the Official Gazette, saying that all of the articles will be voted in the referendum.

In a petition attached to the motion, AKP lawmakers said the 11th president of Turkey has already been elected according to the Constitution in force. Therefore, they noted, these temporary articles are void.

“In case the package is adopted in the referendum, these articles cannot be implemented. It is irrational to keep them in the bill,” they said.