Write more cookery books in Hindi: Sheila Dikshit


New Delhi : More cookery books should be written in Hindi to enable these reach a wider audience, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit suggested Thursday.

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“I am very happy that authors are trying to teach the art of cooking, not only cooking but cooking good and healthy food to live a healthy life,” Dikshit said here at the lunch of “Everyday Healthy Cooking” by debutant author Meenakshi Kumari.

“It would make a difference if these books were written in Hindi too so that the majority of people in India who can’t read and understand English can also learn the art of fine cooking,” she added.

The book deals with various aspects of kitchen management, nutrition, balanced diet and the actual cooking process. It focuses on cooking nutritious food in place of junk food – and the easiest way of preparing it.

The book describes the role spices and herbs play in heightening the taste of food and the medical properties inherent in them as well as the role vitamins ply in ensuring one lives healthy.

“I thought of writing this book in 2001 because I used to work and thus couldn’t learn how to cook. This created problems when I got married and I wanted to ensure this didn’t happen to others,” Meenakshi said of the book.

“I use to purchase a lot more (groceries) than required. I bought many cookery books and learnt cooking but it was still difficult.

“I then thought of writing a book on how to cook simple and nutritious food for those who are working and have little time to cook,” Meenaskshi maintained.