Indian activists urge Myanmar to stop violence toward protestors


New Delhi : In the wake of recent political developments in Myanmar over the last week, activists and NGOs gathered here Saturday evening as part of a global demonstration to protest against the military crack down on the peaceful demonstrations by civilians and Buddhist monks in Myanmar.

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Urging authorities in Myanmar to stop the violence towards demonstrators and release the thousands of detainees, Amnesty International India and Myanmar Solidarity with support of organisations and concerned citizens alleged that more than 1,000 detainees recently arrested along with over 1,150 political prisoners were at a serious risk of human rights violations.

The activists said that the candle-light vigil in the capital was necessary to maintain the much needed international pressure on the authorities in Myanmar as well as call on the Indian government to join rest of the world to take up the cause in Burma.

“We demand authorities in Burma to stop their violent crackdown on protesters and respect their right of freedom of assembly and expression and the right to peaceful protest,” said Mukul Sharma, Director of Amnesty International India.

“We also demand the release of all prisoners of conscience to put an end to the ongoing human rights violations, which has been documented for years for us,” he said, an IANS report said.

The activists said that Burma has witnessed a brutal regime for last 45 years.

“There is enough evidence for the brutal killing of hundreds of protesters, monks and civilian and the paralysing of food supplies and day-to-day life in Myanmar by the military junta,” said activists of Burma Solidarity, a platform of concerned citizens and NGOs.

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