Nepal surges 20 places in world press freedom index

By NNN-Nepal News

Kathmandu : Nepal has surged more than 20 places to be placed at 137th position in the ranking of the world press freedom index owing to revival of basic freedoms after the end of war, according to a report published by Paris based Reporters Sans Frontiers Tuesday.

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“The end of war and return to democratic rule resulted in a revival of basic freedoms and created new space for the media, stated the RSF in its annual report, adding, “But ethnic violence in the south of the country has exposed journalists to new dangers,” the RSF added.

In an index measuring the level of press freedom in 169 countries through the world, Eritrea has replaced North Korea in last place while China and Myanmar still stagnates near the bottom of the index.

“Outside Europe – in which the top 14 countries are located – no region of the world has been spared censorship or violence towards journalists,” said the RSF report.

“We are particularly disturbed by the situation in Burma (164th),” the RSF said, “The military junta’s crackdown on demonstrations bodes ill for the future of basic freedoms in this country. Journalists continue to work under the yoke of harsh censorship from which nothing escapes, not even small ads.”