Bhutto survives twin blast; 110 killed

Founding father, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, to give a speech. She squeezed between other party officials along a railing at the front.

Her procession had been creeping toward the center of Karachi for10 hours, moving at a snail’s pace while dancing and cheering supporters swarmed around the truck, when a small explosion erupted near the front of the vehicle. That was quickly followed by a larger blast just feet from the truck, setting an escorting police van on fire and breaking windows in Bhutto’s vehicle. Party members on top of the truck scrambled to the ground, one man jumping while others climbed down a ladder or over the side.

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The former premier had just gone to a downstairs compartment in the truck for a rest when the blast occurred, an eyewitness said.

Two PPP leaders Begum Abida Hussain and Fauzia Wahab, who were standing at the truck were wounded by splinters.

The party leaders in the truck were transferred to other vehicles and carried to safer places.

Medical emergency was declared at Jinnah and Civil Hospitals of Karachi immediately after the blast.

At least 44 bodies among many whose only body parts were recovered were taken to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre. In Civil Hospital 33 bodies and 91 wounded were shifted, while bodies 42 bodies were taken to Liaquat National Hospital. Moreover, four dead bodies and 93 wounded were taken Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and a body and 55 wounded persons were admitted at Aga Khan Hospital.

Appeals for blood donations have been made to meet blood requirement for large number of the injured. Police officer Raja Umer Khitab said evidence at the scene suggested it was a suicide bombing. He said it destroyed two police vans escorting Bhutto’s truck.” He said the legs and head of the suicide bomber has been found.