Jamiat organise Eid Milan in Bihar

By TwoCircles.net staff reporter

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Patna: An Eid Milan get-together was organised by members of Jamiat Ulema-e-Bihar and Jharkhand on Monday at Hotel Maurya in Patna to mark the festivity of Eid-ul-fitr. The organizer emphasizing the need of communal harmony and religious tolerance saying Eid symbolized universal goodwill and peaceful coexistence of people from varying background.

Janta Dal (U) leader Jagannath Mishra attended the meeting. His work towards the empowerment of minorities during his tenure as the Chief Minister of Bihar was appreciated and praised by guests and hosts.

H.A. Qadri General Secretary of Jamiat showered Mishra with his praise and said that there is not a single leader in the Congress that deserves invitation to this party.

The leader of the Opposition in the state legislative Ghulam Gaus also emphasized the need of communal accord and love between various religious denominations. “This is the essence of Ramadan; to get rid of hatred towards anyone and promotion of peace for all,” he said.

“Eid teaches human being the art of living and people should take vow to help their fellow human being who were not fortunate in many senses” Mishra said in his speech.

Justice Aftab Ali Ahmad, Fazal Bhagalpuri, Arshad Ali senior advocate and Unis Lohia member of the state legislature were among others who attended the party.