Indian Americans outraged, demand Gujarat govt dismissal

By staff reporter

17 Indian organizations and several prominent NRIs based in US & Canada are calling for the immediate dismissal of the state government in Gujarat. Their demand follows the revelation yesterday by news magazine Tehelka that many top Sangh parivar leaders linked to the current Gujarat administration admitted to their active role in the massacre and ethnic cleansing of Muslims in 2002 in Gujarat. The exposé reveals active participation of key state institutions including police forces and judiciary in the anti-minority pogroms.

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The statement released in United States also calls it “disturbing” that reflects the “dictatorial nature of the presiding administration in Gujarat” reports that state government has forced the cable operators to take the channels broadcasting this exposé.
Organizations and individuals cutting across religion and other politics put forward their three demands:

1. The immediate dismissal of the Narendra Modi administration and imposition of President’s rule in Gujarat.
2. The immediate arrest of the all criminals who have confessed their crimes in the Tehelka tapes.
3. The transfer of all legal cases pertaining to the Gujarat pogroms of 2002 to a court outside of Gujarat.

Endorsing Organizations:

1. AFMI: American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin
2. AIM: Association of Indian Muslims
3. Dharma Megha
4. FIACONA: Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations of North America
5. FOSA: Friends of South Asia
6. GMAA: Gujarati Muslim Association of America
7. India Foundation
8. IACP: Indian American Coalition for Pluralism
9. IMC-USA: Indian Muslim Council – USA.
10. IMRC: Indian Muslim Relief & Charities
11. International Service Society
12. NRI-SAHI: Non Resident Indians for a Secular and Harmonious India.
13. SANSAD: South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy
14. Seva International
15. SHRI: Supporters of Human Rights in India
16. Vedanta Society of East Lansing
17. Washington Watch

Endorsing Individuals:

1. Abraham Mammen (President, FIACONA)
2. Dr. Angana Chatterji (California Institute of Integral Studies)
3. Biju Matthew (Associate Professor, Rider University)
4. Firoz Vohra (President GMAA)
5. George Abraham (National Coordinator, NRI-SAHI)
6. Ghazi Akailvi (Chairman, SHRI)
7. Prof. Hari Sharma (SANSAD)
8. K S Sripada Raju (Director, Washington Watch)
9. Kaleem Kawaja (AIM)
10. Khalid Azam (IMC-USA)
11. Manzoor Ghaori (IMRC)
12. Ms. Mayuri Poddar (Director, Vaishnava Center)
13. Najma Sultana (NRI-SAHI)
14. Nasir Chhipa (Washington DC)
15. Nilesh Modhwadia (New Jersey)
16. Raju Rajagopal
17. Rasheed Ahmed (President, IMC-USA)
18. Saeed Patel (IACP)
19. Dr. Shaik Ubaid (Founder President ImanNet)
20. Dr. Shakir Mukhi (AFMI)
21. Shrikumar Poddar (Director, International Service Society)