Iran supports consensus in Lebanon to resolve political crisis


Beirut : Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad Reza Sheibani said on Friday that the Islamic Republic of Iran supports consensus among Lebanese people to solve their political crisis.

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Sheibani made the comment after a meeting with the head of Lebanon’s Kataeb (Phalangist Party) Amin Gemayel, who is also a leading Lebanese politician within the March 14th ruling alliance.

“The Lebanese elections and surveying the various candidates’ right to run for the post is totally a Lebanese issue.” He appreciated Gemayel’s efforts aimed at the Lebanese political groups to narrow their differences.

Sheibani also expressed support for the efforts made by the Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and Christian religious leader of the Lebanese Maronite party Nasrallah Safir to resolve the political crisis.

The Lebanese Parliament’s next session to elect that country’s next president would convene on November 12th.

The session was initially scheduled for September 25th, and later on delayed to October 23rd, but the Lebanese Parliament Speaker announced on that date that he would once again delay the session till November 12th to provide more times for consultations and negotiations to reach a consensus.

The current Lebanese President Emile Lahoud was elected on November 24th for a six year term, and the former Lebanese Parliament extended his tenure on August 24th, 2004, for another three year period.

President Lahoud’s term comes to an end on November 24th, 2007.