India on a hiring spree: survey


New Delhi : With the economy surging and the emergence of newer sectors, the Indian job market is poised for greater dynamism and growth as companies are busy chalking out extensive hiring plans, says a survey.

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Employers across all the industry verticals ranging from services, real estate, retail and manufacturing have expressed an increase in their hiring activities, according to a quarterly survey conducted by Manpower Inc., a global HR consultancy firm.

“With employers implementing business strategies and plans in full motion, hiring activity is projected to gain further momentum in this quarter. The optimism of Indian employers is reflective of the pace at which business throughout India is growing,” Soumen Basu, executive chairman, Manpower India, said Tuesday.

The growth in employment would be mostly driven by the services sector followed by the finance, insurance and real estate sector. Out of the 4,922 employers surveyed, 49 percent have indicated an increase in their hiring plans.

“The increased hiring in the services sector is a reflection of the role of this sector in India’s GDP growth. Also, the capital and financial health of the country today is fuelling the demand in the finance, real estate and retail sectors, which assures a plethora of opportunities for job seekers in the next three months,” Basu added.

In addition to India, the strongest fourth-quarter hiring prospects reported globally were in Peru, Singapore, Argentina, Costa Rica, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Hong Kong.

In a more detailed analysis, the survey showed that amongst the four regions, southern India indicated an increase in hiring of upto 50 percent, followed by 47 percent in the west, 46 percent in the north and 33 percent in the east.